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Onur SenturK, motion designer & director



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Coll-Barreu Arquitectos.


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Robert Seidel Art Films.


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Alex McLeod lives and works in Toronto, Canada, where he constructs hyperrealistic 3D environments filled with crystalline mountains, fiery lakes and rotund clouds, all rendered in a sickly sweet and gooey candy-colored palette. This past year he has exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, San Jose, Denver, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Toronto and Sweden. Yummy!


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Amazing artwork from New York-based Spainard Isidro Blasco, known for his large-scale photography sculpture.


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Chen man is not a man as the name might suggest, but a young woman from Beijing who has become one of the most well-known fashion photographers in China and a regular contributor to the Chinese publications in Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire. Her work is a combination of her skill with a camera, and her technical wizardry with a computer. She does all of her post-production image work herself, from retouching with Photoshop, to 3-D rendering with 3-D max. Impressive!


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Clemens Behr was born in 1985 in Koblenz, Germany, but is currently based in Berlin where he studying Fine Arts at UdK Berlin. However, much of Behr’s time is dedicated to travelling and creating his huge 3D installations in both public and interior environments. For his sculptures he uses things he has found and recycled as well as basic building materials, whatever that mixes with the urban cityscape. With a background in graffiti Behr’s style is street smart, but his influences also include origami, spontaneous chance and a deep interest in the environment where his installations are displayed. We love it!


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David Cooley is a native Californian and self-taught artist. He creates stunning mixed media paintings using acrylic, pen, spray paint, resin and fabric. He’s inspired by textiles and patterns and his work often uses fabric for the background of the piece, which he often sources from the internet and various other obscure sources where one can find fabric featuring dinosaurs, kittens, martini umbrellas, and things of a similarly peculiar nature. What makes Cooley’s art stand out, literally, is his way of using acrylic paint to create three dimensional diamond-shaped spikes that protrude from the surface of the work creating a startling visual effect upon first viewing. We love it!


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French Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez, better known as Helmo, are the masterbrains behind this stunning series called Bêtes de Mode. They have used an anaglyph 3D technique where images of animals in red are merged with images of beautiful people in blue and the result is a stereoscopic effect which makes you crave a pair of 3D glasses.


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Luke Lucas Designer and editor of world famous blog Lifelounge.


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Nastplas & DrFranken Showcase


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Jacinta Lodge and her stitchalicious embroidery!