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Ania Kosik Photographer



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Say hello to Ophelia Olive, a girl who runs a ‘photo blog of a girl who photographs herself’ as well as being the unquestionable muse of Thrifted and Modern.


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This is not the first time we feature Damien Vignaux, or Elroy as he is also called, but we really like his work. Damien is a French freelance art director and photographer based in Berlin, Germany. He is involved in both motion design, DJing, web and print design, illustration and painting as well as taking photos of beauties in t-shirts. Yummy!


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Autumn Sonnichsen is a photographer who’s originally from Los Angeles, but she now lives and works out of São Paulo and Berlin. She lables herself as the Accidental Pornographer, a title she may deserve as she shoots all kinds of girls, in different degrees of nakedness. Her work has been published in Men’s Vogue Brazil, Playboy Germany, Playboy Brazil, FHM, Maxim, Nico, Stern, Vice Magazine, Trip Magazine, TPM, ArtForum, and Men’s Health. She also exhibits in galleries and museums worldwide. Enjoy!


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Natalie Kucken is eighteen years old and currently based in New York, USA. She began shooting at the age of fourteen and creates dreaming worlds to collect and keep in pixels.


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Favio Melchiorre a.k.a IDRO51


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Los Angeles based photographer Eliot Lee Hazel might be most famous for his work with musicians like Devendra Barnhart, Morcheeba and Yeasayer (to mention a few) but the truth is that whichever of his gritty pics is enough to make a heart thump.


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New York-based Ari Seth Cohen’s blog Advanced Style is definitely on my top ten inspirational list. Like so many other bloggers he writes about fashion and streetstyle, but instead of hunting 18-year-old girls in Lita shoes he turns his camera and attention to a group on a whole different level. Advanced Style is dedicated to the eldery; ladies and gentlemen in their 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s who have seen countless trends come and go and been around long enough to develop a true way of expression and highly personal style. Fashion at its best in other words!


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Check out Paris-based stylist, model and blogger Denni’s chicmuse for instant inspiration.


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If you are looking for head-turning accessories Suister we suggest!


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German Cathleen Naundorf graduated from photography studies in Munich and, after some years as a photo assistent in New York, Singapore and Paris, she started photographing for the Süddeutsche Zeitung with a fashion page of her own, as well as for Glamour and Vogue, for which she was commissioned to take pictures backstage at the Paris fashion shows. Since 2005, Naundorf has worked on her haute couture series “Un rêve de mode” focusing on six couture houses: Chanel, Dior, Gaultier, Lacroix, Elie Saab and Valentino. Thanks to her outstanding pictures, Cathleen Naundorf got the privilege to choose gowns from the couturiers’ archives for her elaborate and cinematic productions and she was also granted free choice of models, locations and hair and make-up designers.